Jonathan Meuli is an established artist based in Glasgow since 1996, who’s work sits between abstract and representational.

"The landscape moves us in different ways. I learned to paint in Cornwall, standing in a field near St Just-in-Penwith watching birds flocking and blown by the wind. This was beautiful and exciting: subsequently, living in urban and often degraded environments I have tried to incorporate into my art works the power and complexity of man-made city-and-road-scapes in a way which recognises their austere beauty, acknowledges the destruction it involves, and conveys the visual reality of where we live - piecing together the ugliness and the beauty with some hope for the future."

​ ​ Hugh Anderson was born in South Africa but has lived the past 36 years in Glasgow practicing as an architect.

During this time he has always painted, but done so seriously only since his retirement in 2019, an event which he marked with a six month painting “sabbatical” back in South Africa. His interest in the effects of man on the environment stems not surprisingly from his time as an architect, which he describes as “symbiotic”, ‘enhancing’ but equally ‘predative’.



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